In honor to minister Louis Farrakhan the nation of Islam (N. O.I.) leader and with our love and respect for the honorable Elijah Muhammed leadership (may Allaa forgive his sins and to grant him Paradise).
We are thankful for Allah (SWT) for HIS bringing al islam to us and the hells of North America.
So now we are able to see the truth hear and understand the message of the noble Quran and the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) Sunaah. As he was an example to his muslim community we the new Muslim leadership has now became the example to all humanity.
Therefore in honoring the contribution of our history as African American Muslim with life in America. We have taken the liberty of presenting our videos of the nation of islam leader minister lewis Farrakhan the most Honorable Elijah Muhammed and our dearest loved brother Martin of Marters minister Malcom X (El Hajji Maliek Shabazz).
This new Muslim American community Tribute (Mac T) By Bunia Muhammad
(a.k.a Russel Mact) Tinsley, Bold leadership model is based on the witness in the noble Quran and sunnah of prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alyhi wa salam) For this Muslim American community as understood by the soalaf (AS salas US sallif): (the ritcheous predecesors of the first three generations of Islam (Muslim) and by applying the logic and common sense explanation of our late Eman Warith Deen Mohammed's teachings with forcefulness in exemplifying men and women around the messenger of Allah example in his prophets examples.
By Bunia Muhammad (a.k.a Russel mact Tinsley) 
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