The Muslim American Community Tribute - Civil Commitment
New Jersey Civil Commitment Wrongful Punishment

To whom it may concern:
From Mr. Tinsley's Supporters regarding civil commitment system and to free Russel Mac-T Tinsley from the New Jersey Prison punishing him wrongfrully.

We are in support of Mr. Tinsley's Federal Lawsuit against the unjust civil commitment systems.
We have included with this message the below websites that will explain his case and how another Newark man was set free after wrongly convicted, serving seventeen years for a sex offence he did not commit and was wrongfully civilly committed at the New Jersey Prison.

Upon your review of the websites that we are providing and the review of the update Due Process Tv Show - Part I and II segments of the New Jersey Prison (STU) Special Treatment Units civil commitment program, interviews of Mr. Rodney Roberts, who was civilly committed at the New Jersey Prison punishing him wrongfully for seventeen years, we would ask you for your help to continue to expose to lawmakers, activists and the public about the civil commitment systems.

Especially, about Mr. Tinsley's case in our attempt to show that he too, was civilly committed at the New Jersey Prison punishing him wrongfully and on the same unjust civil commitment matters, as Mr. Rodney Roberts and others who were innocent of their convictions. 

Based on your own review and the information we are providing on the websites, you will find that apparently (STU) - Civil Commitment Confinement is nothing more than a New Jersey Correctional Facility. 

At the (STU) - Dr. Merrill Main, is the clinical director accused by women's alleged sexual misconduct and pay or employment in quality.

A female doctor, Dr. Vivian Shnaidman's sworn testimony alleged culture of sexual harassment at the New Jersey - Civil Commitment Center: Special Treatment Unit, against the clinical director Merrill Main. Click here to view pdf

Since Dr. Vivian Shnaidman's lawsuit settlement against the state of New Jersey and Dr. Merrill Main, that can be verified by visiting our websites below. 
Please ask yourselves after several women sexual harassment allegations against Dr. Merrill Main, how is it that he is still the clinical director of the STU - Civil Commitment: Sex Offender Facility?

We wish for your support and Mr. Tinsley's freedom, from being civilly committed from the New Jersey Prison punishing him wrongfully. As well as to protect us all from unjust laws in malicious prosecutions to sue by power hungry government employees. We the people must protect society from dangerous individuals, but primarily, we the people must protect individuals from dangerous governments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We hope that the websites and information they contain help you make a right decision you can support Mr. Tinsely's cause and be proud of!

Mr. Tinsely's Supporters

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